Well it is officially over!... the pre-order sale that is (LOL) And we are SOLD OUT.

And I couldn't be more thrilled and excited for this amazing opportunity that is taking shape for me personally as the Creator and the writer of Ximphonic Versus​. This series has been in development for over 20 years, and granted yes the book could have been released a long time ago. However, I knew you only get to make one first impression. And I wanted to make sure that the work that was going to come out would be of such a high caliber, and such an amazing standard that you would be getting your money's worth in every way imaginable. This series is going to take readers to a world that is beyond imagination.

And this is just the first step into a much larger universe filled with mystery, Intrigue, suspense and daring thrilling adventure to keep readers on the edge of your seat. The support from fans (from you!!!) has been overwhelming and who could ask for more than that? Truly I believe this is The Testament of what makes the dream worth it! This is what measures its value by those who believe in it.

And we have so many amazing things in store, November 1st will be here in no time. And volume 1 will be shipping around the world to everyone who has supported and been patiently waiting on the First full introduction into this fantasy Saga. So I thank you so much for the support and for believing in this world and this vision. Now we're in the final stages of development the book is being lettered, final details are being touched up, and everything is being reviewed very meticulously to ensure that nothing is out of place. Very soon “The​ ​Figure​ ​That Still​ ​Sleeps​ ​In​ ​The​ ​Fantasy​” will awaken and the path between the dream world and the world of being awake are going to merge as one. And you will be able to walk into the universe that is known as Ximphonic​ ​Versus!

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